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Anicorn Watches – Product Globalization


Anicorn Watches is an international brand originated in Hong Kong, directed by a professional local product designer Joe Kwan. Its success began from the rise of global awareness after the Kickstarter promotion campaign of a well-known series ‘Trio of time’ in late 2017-2018, in which Mosaic Digital has taken a critical management role on promotion direction of this giant idea and has brought social media planning to extend its awareness as well as pushing content and ads to promote the brand to Taiwan, France, Australia and Singapore.

After the global launch of Trio of Time series, Mosaic has also continued to help promotion of series 000 with the trust from Anicorn founder. Our services included execution management, content planning and copywriting, together with the liaison among other foreign media agencies to make a lot of noise in our targeted market, so that our client can put their focus on visual/product development and business connections and give the whole brand a perfect foundation for its excellent later sales.

We are proud to witness this innovative and well-designed watches brand of Design + Typeface + Mechanism to hit the rest of the world supported by our out-of-the-box digital strategies.

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