Business assets take a significant role to represent a brand. Whether it is user friendly, looks cool, functional, interactive or informational, Mosaic develops excellent communication tools that point most precisely to your business goal. By doing this, we customize development in consideration of the user journey as a whole for a ready-to-launch or good to be promoted product that acquires users.


In digital marketing aspect, Mosaic is founded with the pursuit to restructure all scattered marketing attempts into strategic implementation of integrated marketing plan with insights well-supported by data, to maximize performance with our expertise and help brands and companies achieve business growth and success. We naturally enjoy achievements.

What We Focus


User Journey

“Good technology makes innovative products; Good User Journey makes sticky products.” – Mosaic does not take option, we take care of both.
We have UX/UI designers to support technical development so users’ experience is catered to the first priority. By understanding the target users’ goals, needs, and struggles, we make best-fit digital products to involve in brand representation to foster long-term relation between our clients with their users.


“A brand is consistent, experience is conclusive” – Mosaic works in Synergy.
With talents from both sides of technical development and digital marketing, our developers create ready-to-market products while our marketers take brand products into consideration of marketing approaches under strong and tight internal coordination.

Data + Insights

“Grow with insights supported by Data.” – Data Insight is the balanced solution.

By implementing digital strategies, we continue to optimize our performance and gather data that points to something worth our attention, with key insights summarized to help us make better decisions in future and maximize cost-effectiveness.

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